Squeezing the writing into my everyday.

A writer friend linked to this lovely and inspiring piece, by Michelle Aldredge, about the ways the constraints of life, particularly those of parenthood, are essential to creativity. (Robin, the writer friend who led me to Michelle's post, writes truly beautiful things herself.) I considered the spaces into which I squeeze my own writing. My … Continue reading Squeezing the writing into my everyday.

Brilliance! (Gone.)

I had a brilliant idea for a post yesterday. I took my children to a local orchard for pumpkins and apples and raspberries. As I wove my way through tangled vines and perfect orange globes and briars nearly stripped of the last berries of summer and trees heavy with fruit, I had a stroke of … Continue reading Brilliance! (Gone.)

A gem from the memoir class I’m teaching.

The topic: Creating your own character, i.e., shaping your persona The exercise: Using a two-person scene you've already written, write the scene again using the other person as the first person narrator. Silence as they write. Silence. Silence. Silence. Then, a chuckle. I glance up from my lesson plan. Bill laughs, running his fingers over … Continue reading A gem from the memoir class I’m teaching.

I expect to do a little teaching this spring…

...care to join me? This spring, I’m teaching a couple more classes with the Adams County Arts Council. Registration should open in the next few weeks. Looking forward to seeing you! Creative Writing: Prose (Fiction and Creative Nonfiction) Adams County Arts Council Wednesdays, March 14th - April 4th, 6:00pm – 8:00pm Register by visiting the … Continue reading I expect to do a little teaching this spring…

Registration for my fall classes is now open.

You can now register for the classes I'm teaching this fall for the Adams County Arts Council. Exciting stuff! Class: Intro to Creative Writing 2: Fiction and Creative Nonfiction Adams County Arts Council Thursdays, October 6-27, 6:30pm - 8:30pm Register by visiting the Adams County Arts Council's website. Join us for the follow up to … Continue reading Registration for my fall classes is now open.

Upcoming workshops

A chance to spend a couple of hours with yours truly!   Saturday, May 7th, 1PM – 4PM Workshop: Saturday Art Escapes: Meet Your Muse! Council for the Arts of Chambersburg, Chambersburg, PA You sit down at your desk, pen in hand or fingers poised over keyboard, and then—nothing. Where has your inspiration gone? Join … Continue reading Upcoming workshops

A little something for everyone

I'm teaching a creative writing class this winter with my local arts council. It's a short one, just four weeks, but it will be well worth it, I assure you! If you happen to live in the greater Gettysburg metropolitan area (ha!), you can sign up for the class on the Adams County Arts Council's … Continue reading A little something for everyone


Every year, I ambitiously sign up to participate in National Novel Writing Month, affectionately shortened into the impossible-to-pronounce-because-it's-not-a-real-word NaNoWriMo. And every year, I've written a grand total of 5,000 words. Tops. November is the busiest month of the year. Couldn't we have MarNoWriMo? Or even FebNoWriMo? Nothing happens in February. I could probably churn out … Continue reading NaNoWriMo