Stemming the flow.

Mother-writers often lament the absence of the muse amid the chaos a new little one brings into the everyday. "How am I supposed to be inspired when I can barely keep my eyes open in this ten-minute window I have managed to find for myself?" they cry. "Should I really skip this opportunity to shower? … Continue reading Stemming the flow.


Squeezing the writing into my everyday.

A writer friend linked to this lovely and inspiring piece, by Michelle Aldredge, about the ways the constraints of life, particularly those of parenthood, are essential to creativity. (Robin, the writer friend who led me to Michelle's post, writes truly beautiful things herself.) I considered the spaces into which I squeeze my own writing. My … Continue reading Squeezing the writing into my everyday.

A dilemma discovered while unpacking.

I love a neat space, one with minimal clutter and maximum organization. One with just enough photos and art to make it personal, but with an absence of excess that makes it both difficult to dust and a pain in the ass to move. I also love to make things. To knit, to crochet, to … Continue reading A dilemma discovered while unpacking.