Registration for my fall classes is now open.

You can now register for the classes I’m teaching this fall for the Adams County Arts Council. Exciting stuff!

  • Class: Intro to Creative Writing 2: Fiction and Creative Nonfiction

Adams County Arts Council

Thursdays, October 6-27, 6:30pm – 8:30pm

Register by visiting the Adams County Arts Council’s website.

Join us for the follow up to our introductory class. We’ll continue exploring the basics of creative writing (character, plot, imagery, theme, etc.), going into more depth with each component as we explore and practice using the craft of writing to turn words into art. Some writing experience necessary.

  • Class: Creative Writing Workshop

Adams County Arts Council

Mondays, November 7-28, 6pm – 8pm

Register by visiting the Adams County Arts Council’s website.

You’ve taken a writing class, you’ve got the basics down. You’ve even got a story or two lying in a desk  drawer. Now what? Writing workshops are an excellent opportunity to get your work in front of a respectful and generous audience, one that can provide you with constructive feedback so you can fine-tune your writing and take if from a “piece” to a “masterpiece”! Join us for a chance to read and be read. No prerequisites, though you’ll be expected to submit a short piece of fiction or creative nonfiction (no more than 20 pages) prior to the start of class.


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