Five Minute Mornings

I belong to a little writing group on facebook called Five Minute Mornings. My response to this morning’s prompt is indicative of the reason for my internet absence, i.e., I have not gone into hiding nor declared myself a hermit. I just have a new baby.

The prompt: You’ll laugh, you’ll cry.

When he is born. When he smiles. When he rolls over. When he sits. When he stands. When he says, “Momma.” When he walks. When he runs. When he climbs. When he falls. When he wraps his arms around your neck and buries his nose in your throat. When he reads. When he waves goodbye as he gets on the school bus. When he rides his bike across the grass, then the road, then the mountain. When he breaks your lamp. When he breaks his arm. When she breaks his heart. When he drives. When he graduates. When he graduates again. When he loves. When he marries. When she is born and he wraps his arms around your neck, buries his nose in your throat, and remembers his first day of school and his last day of school, his broken arm and his broken heart, the mountain he crossed, and the day he married his best friend. When he still calls you “Momma.”

2 thoughts on “Five Minute Mornings

  1. Made me sob. But only once. Then I picked up myself, goosebumps and all, and left work 15 minutes before the actual end of the day to go pick up my littles.

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