I’m famous!

Sort of.

Our local public television station airs a show called “You Gotta Have Art” that features the local artists who are teaching classes with the Adams County Arts Council. I was interviewed last week as one such local artist. I showed up for what I thought was a radio interview (read: no shower, no makeup, and hair in a ponytail). It was a actually a television interview. Shit. But any conversation about writing is always AMAZING, and the interview went really well. Despite my appearance, the words coming out of my mouth were neither embarrassing nor incriminating. Excellent!

You can watch the interview here. I’m the second interview, about 15 minutes in (though if you have half an hour to spare, the first artist is worth a listen and her landscape work is lovely).

And if you happen to live in within driving distance of Gettysburg, PA, please join my class! Registration information is available on Adam County Arts Council’s website.


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